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University Selection

Choosing the right university is a crucial step in your academic path. Our team of seasoned consultants is here to provide expert advice on selecting universities that align with your academic goals, preferences, and career aspirations.

Application Processes

Navigating the application process for international universities can be complex. Travel with Gizel simplifies the journey by offering comprehensive support in preparing and submitting applications.

Visa Procedures

Securing a visa is often a critical aspect of studying abroad. Our consultancy is well-versed in visa procedures and requirements for various countries.


Where do you like to study?

Study in Hungary

Affordable Education: Hungary offers quality education at a more affordable cost compared to some other European countries.

Central European Location: Explore the heart of Europe with easy access to neighboring countries and cultures.

Rich History: Immerse yourself in a country with a rich history and architectural wonders.

Study in UK

Historical Prestige: Renowned for its prestigious universities with a long history of academic excellence.

English Language: Ideal for English language learners, and a gateway to the rich cultural heritage of the UK.

Shorter Program Duration: Many undergraduate programs are three years, potentially saving time and tuition costs.

Study in USA

Diverse Academic Options: The USA offers a vast array of academic programs and institutions, known for innovation and research.

Cultural Diversity: Experience a melting pot of cultures, meeting people from all corners of the world.

Global Networking: Build an international network with access to top professionals and experts in various fields.

Study in Canada

Quality Education: Canada is known for its high-quality education system and globally recognized universities.

Safe and Inclusive: Canada is often ranked as one of the safest countries, and its inclusive society welcomes students from diverse backgrounds.

Natural Beauty: Experience the stunning landscapes, from mountains to lakes, offering a unique living environment.

Study in China

Academic Excellence: China has a growing number of universities ranking high globally, especially in STEM fields.

Cultural Richness: Immerse yourself in a rich and diverse culture with a blend of ancient traditions and modern influences.

Language Opportunities: Studying in China provides an excellent opportunity to learn Mandarin, one of the most widely spoken languages globally.

Study in Australia

Top-Class Universities: Australia is home to several world-class universities known for research and innovation.

Quality of Life: Enjoy a high quality of life, vibrant cities, and a diverse and inclusive society.

Work Opportunities: Australia provides work opportunities during and after your studies.